XTRD Update: July 2, 2018


  • XTRD FIX API Product Update — June 30th
  • What Cryptocurrency Can Learn From Wall Street
  • Hardware Wallets Poll
  • XTRD events are on crypto calendars
  • Exclusive Weekly crypto market update from Steven Aitchison
  • Upcoming events

XTRD FIX API Product Update — June 30th

Summer is usually associated with vacations, trips, and overall relaxation. But not for the XTRD team! We are using this time to be prepared for the upcoming autumn run. First of all, we released the new version of FIX API gateway with added Binance support. So now our clients can receive normalized market data and trade on this exchange through our NY4 servers. Find more details in the XTRD FIX API Product Update — June 30th, 2018 http://bit.ly/2IGa3Va

What Cryptocurrency Can Learn From Wall Street

The groundbreaking potential of the cryptocurrency space has been well-documented over the last couple years. The maverick-like nature of the new industry is refreshing, and its non-conforming characteristics appealing. Yet, even the most radical innovations and industries can learn from their more established, monolithic counterparts that have come before them. When it comes to crypto, one of the primary sectors it can model is one of the largest, stablest sectors on the planet: Wall Street.

Read about 4 of the biggest lessons cryptocurrency can take from Wall Street in our new article: http://bit.ly/2Nh5ynu.

Hardware Wallet Poll

Take part in a hardware wallet poll. The question is “How do you sign your Ethereum transactions?” Please choose one of the four offered options or add your own option in comments: http://bit.ly/2tIKQEg.

XTRD events are on crypto calendars

XTRD events are now on CoinMarketCal and CoinsCalendar. Please click these links and then click “Real” for each event, this will help us to promote the project via these channels.

Exclusive Weekly crypto market update from Steven Aitchison

Another exclusive weekly crypto update by Steven Aitchison — Youtube blogger and experienced crypto trader. This update contains weekly market overview, the most important cryptocurrency news from the last week and useful crypto trading tips. Please find more details in our blog post: http://bit.ly/2Kojiix.

Upcoming events

To increase awareness of our project and attract more clients, partners, and new community members, XTRD will participate/speak at these events:

Feel free to stop by our exhibition booths and say “hello” or ask tough questions during roundtables.

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