How to install XTRD Bookmap Addon

Bookmap is a very convenient platform to track market trends through advanced visualization capabilities. Combined with XTRD-provided set of digital assets exchange access, powers a valuable tool to navigate these markets.

Here is a brief instruction on how to get started using XTRD data services inside Bookmap.  

We assume that you already have the latest and greatest version of Bookmap downloaded and installed! If not, you always can do it from

The XTRD Market Data Addon is available on the Bookmap Marketplace – a pretty self-explanatory service where you can find many valuable extensions.

The XTRD Storefront contains many different items that can be grouped into two categories:

  1. Addons
  2. Subscriptions

The XTRD Market Data Addon is a free-to-download component that does all the heavy work – connect, receive, and parse market data streams from multiple digital asset exchanges. 

Subscriptions are the ability to receive and visualize information for a particular exchange e.g. Binance, Huobi, CEX.IO, or BitMex using Bookmap. 

First, you’ll need to install the XTRD Market Data Addon for Bookmap. 

In order to install XTRD Market Data Add-on: 

1. Open Bookmap

2. Go to Settings → Manage plugins

3. Click the Install button located near xtrd-adapter.

4. Restart Bookmap. 

All set! XTRD Market Data Add-on is installed now, but to start working with it you need to get credentials from us (login, password). In order to do this go to and subscribe to XTRD Market Data Add-on. 

After you subscribed, you will receive an email with the credentials from us. 

Then you need to set up the connection for XTRD Market Data Add-on. In order to do this: 

1. Open Bookmap. 

2. Go to Connections → Configure → ADD CONNECTION

3. Select XTRD Market Data Addon and enter your credentials. 

XTRD Market Data Add-on is ready for work now and should appear in the list of connections in the Connections section. You can now launch XTRD Market Data Add-on by simply selecting it from this list. 

To start getting market data from XTRD you need to buy a subscription to one of the exchanges. In order to do this:

1. Go to

2. Filter the list by XTRD (if you buy a subscription that is not associated with XTRD it won’t work on XTRD Market Data Add-on). 

3. Select one of the exchanges. 

4. Buy a subscription. 

5. Get an email from us confirming that you have bought the subscription. 

After that restart XTRD Market Data Add-on if it is on. Go to the Connection section and turn off XTRD Market Data Add-on by left click and then turn on again the same way. If it is off, you just need to launch it. 

You can now select the exchanges you subscribed to and get market data for the selected symbols. In order to select symbols click “+” on the top right corner of the Bookmap window or press Ctrl+T and select symbols in the pop-up window. 

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