How to configure trading capabilities on XTRD Bookmap Addon

In this article, we’ll describe how to configure trading capabilities on various cryptocurrency exchanges using the XTRD Addon for Bookmap. In case you don’t have this addon yet, here is the link to the document that will guide you through. 

Use the standard Bookmap configuration window to subscribe to a certain instrument, for example, ETH/USDT on Binance. Once connected, you should see a floating window with your positions under management (initially empty):

Click on the blue “TRADING SETTINGS” button in the floating window. It will bring up another window with a list of available and configured trading destinations. 

The Bookmap platform is organized in such a way that you need to have an active market data subscription in order to trade. It’s always possible to add subscriptions through the Bookmap Marketplace

In the “XTRD Trading Settings” window, click on the “CONFIGURE” button for your target trading destination. Depending on the exchange type, you’ll need to enter a combination of Private Key, API Key, and/or Password. Please feel free to reach out to us in case you need assistance obtaining these parameters from your exchange!

Click on the “ADD” button. You’ll be forwarded to the connector’s configuration window. 

“Ready to trade” destinations will have a green light, and a red light indicates that the connection is not established yet. 

Allow about one minute for the system to finish all synchronization such as open orders and positions. Once a connection is ready, the indicator will turn green and all your available assets will be displayed in the “Positions” window.

Congratulations, you now can trade on Binance (and many other exchanges) using the XTRD Addon for Bookmap! 

Important Menu Options

UPDATE – this button will be activated once you decide to update your connectivity credentials.

DELETE – this button will remove the selected exchange from the routing destinations. All open orders will remain open. 

If you would like to quickly convert one currency to another, go to Positions, select base asset (in our case ETH), select a quote asset from the drop-down (for example BTC), and click “CONVERT”. 

All other trading operations, like opening or canceling orders and monitoring trading activities can be performed using the standard Bookmap functionality. 

We prepared a small video with instructions and several trading operations (including cross-checks using an actual Binance GUI). 

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