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FIX API for Trading

Unified FIX 4.4 to trade across multiple digital asset exchanges. All routing destinations are available through a single FIX session.
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Real-time normalized market data feeds

Use XTRD FIX Market Data services to receive quote streams with normalized symbology, in optimized data format (only actual changes), with a full book (L2) plus trades, without crossed levels.

Order Management

XTRD maintains the state of your orders internally, carefully tracking every change, so you can easily see what is happening and react accordingly.

Position Management

See and manage your distributed portfolio using a single solution from XTRD. Every change of your positions is recorded and can be used in real-time to drive trading algorithms or generate reports.

Normalized trading history

Generate reports using the XTRD Trading history database that contains hi-res timestamps, execution prices and sizes, and commissions. Stop worrying about exchanges dropping trades history after three months.

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