How we are different from other companies

Crypto-friendly OEMS system

Trade and manage your digital assets through a single platform


Use FIX 4.4 for both trading and market data streaming

More Exchanges

XTRD supports major US, European, and Asian exchanges

Support and Maintenance

XTRD handles all exchanges' protocol updates and changes for you

Integration-friendly environment

Manage all your accounts and routing destinations centrally using a simple API

Secure Environment

XTRD utilizes Equinix infrastructure to run its own isolated trading ecosystem

Low-latency connectivity

XTRD uses private internet lines to reduce network latency

Agency Trader

Trade on behalf of all your clients using just a single FIX session

Low added latency

XTRD software-added latency is about 35 microseconds

Different deployment options

Cross-connect or co-locate with XTRD within Equinix, or use our secure and cost-effective VPS services

Easy onboarding and setup

Start trading across the World in just a few days

Assistance with integration

Use our code library or chat with real engineers during integration for a frictionless experience