XTRD Update: May 20, 2018

Dear community! This is the first XTRD weekly report. We plan to continue providing you with the latest updates on our project.


  • Product updates (May 13)
  • XTRD Team has visited Consensus 2018
  • Bounty #1 Summary

Product updates

On May 13 we have shared some news on what has been done on the technical side in the last several months. Please find more details in our Community Product Update. The XTRD team will continue to publish regular technical updates to keep our community apprised of progress in product and expansion.

Consensus 2018

XTRD team represented by Alex Kravets and Michele Guo has visited 4th annual blockchain technology summit Consensus 2018 held by CoinDesks on May 14–16, 2018 in New York. We will provide the community with the report on our visit in a few days. Stay tuned!

Bounty #1 Summary

We have released and distributed all the bounty tokens. Thank you to all participants in the XTRD bounty! We couldn’t have gotten the word out without your help, and it’s greatly appreciated. Find more details in XTRD Bounty #1 Summary. The first round is finished. We will publish the next bounty program shortly.

XTRD Community Product Update

We would like to share what was done on the technical side in the last several months.

Hardware and Point of Presence

As a relatively complex software/hardware project, we heavily invested our resources in building infrastructure — point of presence in NY4, network, and switches/servers. Right now XTRD is listed in the Equinix Marketplace so shortly clients will have an option to order our services within the NY4 datacenter, one of the biggest hubs in finance (more locations are coming in the nearest future).

Available cross-connectivity options will be 1/10 Gbps, for colocation we are happy to offer fully managed services for 1U, 2U, and 4U machines. We have ordered around $100,000 USD worth of equipment to be installed this month at NY4.

Software Components

Our engineering team also did not leave software components behind.

Our first product — FIX API is currently up and being heavily tested by several early adopters. Based on the standard FIX 4.4 specification, our gateway allows users to trade and receive market data from the following exchanges:

  • CEX.IO
  • Gemini
  • Bitfinex
  • HitBTC
  • BitStamp

FIX Messaging

In terms of messaging, we are providing the “must have” set:

Using these messages, clients can easily integrate their crypto portfolios into existing OMSs (Order Entry Systems).

Right now the FIX gateway supports two orders types

  • Limit(40=1)
  • Market(40=2)

A full spec will be New messages and more advanced orders types will be added next month.

Market Data

Market data will be streamed using the combination of:


We know that many exchanges simply don’t have delta updates so our system will manage all books internally. So instead of receiving full book snapshots (what is super inefficient but kind of standard for crypto) clients will receive only actual changes. We’ve been in this business for a decade and know how to build reliable and efficient market data management systems.

The XTRD team will continue to publish regular technical updates to keep our community apprised of progress in product and expansion.

XTRD attending Chicago Trading Show May 9–10

The Trading Show is taking place in Chicago on May 9th and 10th. It’s one of the only shows that combines the world of quantitative and automated trading with cryptocurrency, the title sponsor being Kraken. Key topics include blockchain, exchange tech, low latency HFT applications, institutional participation in crypto, OTC trading, and many others.

Most industry players will be present, ranging from Tudor Investments to Credit Suisse, Galaxy Capital to Citadel, etc. We look forward to connecting with the community and delivering on XTRD’s mission to bridge institutional technology with cryptocurrency trading. We will provide state-of-the-industry feedback post conference via a video update on the XTRD Youtube channel.

Let us know if you are attending, we would love to connect!

In addition, XTRD will exhibit and speak at the New York Trading Show in September 2018 as a show sponsor.