XTRD Update: October 31, 2018


  • Product update
  • New York Trading Show recap
  • VOA’s Interview with XTRD CTO Serg Gulko
  • Miami Blockchain Shift Update
  • Weekly CTO Q&A sessions
  • Market Identifier Code

Product update

XTRD Product Update — October 11, 2018: http://bit.ly/2Sqc9ia.

New York Trading Show recap

XTRD took part in New York Trading Show 2018 on September 26, as a speaker and a Bronze sponsor. Here is a short recap with some details on this event: http://bit.ly/2AzmYrs.

VOA’s Interview with XTRD CTO Serg Gulko

XTRD CTO Serg Gulko gave an interview to Voice of America on clearing solutions for digital assets traders. Find the video and English transcript here: http://bit.ly/2CEJWi7.

Miami Blockchain Shift Update

XTRD recently attended the Miami Blockchain Shift conference on October 11–12. Here is the conference update: http://bit.ly/2PVCfYL. XTRD CEO Alex Kravets spoke on a panel with the COO & General Counsel as well as the SVP of Product Development of tZERO regarding Blockchain’s impact on Wall St, a great discussion facilitated by Stephen Obie of Jones Day. Here is the full panel video: http://bit.ly/2Sg9NCm.

Weekly CTO Q&A sessions

Starting from October 30, every Tuesday at 10 AM EST, XTRD CTO Serg Gulko will be running one-hour long Q&A sessions in our Telegram chat. We have prepared a short transcript from the first session. Prepare your questions for next Tuesday and join the discussion.

Market Identifier Code

Serg Gulko submitted the application to ISO 10383 Registration Authority to obtain Market Identifier Code (MIC) for the XTRD order routing system. MIC code is akin to a globally recognized ID for market participants e.g. ECNs (like XTRD) or exchanges. ISO maintains a global registry of all companies around the world and we would like to be a part of this ecosystem.

CTO Q&A Session #1: October 30, 2018

Starting from October 30, every Tuesday at 10 AM EST, XTRD CTO Serg Gulko will be running one-hour long Q&A sessions in Telegram. We have prepared a short transcript from the first session. Prepare your questions for next Tuesday and join the discussion!

Q (Bull Bittrex): How’s development going on DARK, SPA and PRO? When can we expect releases to roll out?

A (Serg): FIX API for trading and market data is live, PRO is under the heavy development and we expect to bring it live by the end of 2018 — beginning of 2019. DARK is still in progress. The main issue to solve is a legal framework. Technologically we’re almost ready.

Q (Bull Bittrex): Beaxy has been getting a lot of exposure and hype as of late can you explain how the partnership with them brings in the tokens?

A (Serg): I’m really happy for Beaxy guys, we chatted briefly a week ago but now they are very busy with conferences and exhibitions. We see Beaxy as one of our routing destinations. Why? Because their infrastructure is built on top of very serious and mature tech stack and they capable to handle serious load.

Q (Bull Bittrex): Can you explain a little more about the ISO you applied for? And how being a vendor in the FIX community works?

A (Serg): MIC code is like a globally recognized ID for market participants e.g. ECNs (like XTRD) or exchanges. ISO maintains a global registry of all companies around the world and we would like to be a part of this ecosystem. We also encourage all exchanges with whom we are working to start the same process. The reason we are in FIX Community is very simple — we are getting a clean, non-biased view what is going on in the industry. Plus, we have access to all FIX Trading Community events (read — networking, clients, etc).

Q (Mike P): I had a look through the token tracker and don’t see much happening other than IDEX and Coinsuper, some random buys and sells, but nothing that looks like, for example, FIX API clients paying for market data or similar. What is happening on this front? Are clients transacting in fiat for the moment, and if so, will XTRD settle that by purchasing tokens on the market as other projects who have yet to build their token settlement interfaces are doing?

A (Serg): Our current clients are initial token sales participants, so they are spending old tokens. Of course, we are working to add new clients to our ecosystem. We agreed to settle balances quarterly with existing clients (it was part of the deal), that’s why you don’t see too much on Etherscan.

Q (Mike P): The Whitepaper is no longer on the website; this makes it pretty much impossible for new folks to get to know what XTRD is all about. Is the paper being updated, or was this an oversight?

A (Serg): We will put much more useful information on the website soon — e.g. more detailed information about FIX routers (including full specs).

Q (fiftynineblake): Will there be reports for the public quarterly as well, or on some other timeframe about number of clients, average daily trading volume, etc.

A (Serg): This is not the information we can disclose publicly due to the NDAs. We usually share it with exchanges.

Q (fiftynineblake): But you’re not bringing to light anyones trading info by being transparent about how many clients you have onboarded, and how the system is being utilized. I think in this space transparency is king, we know you are not bound by anyone here having actual shares, but in my experience teams gain a lot of respect for being open by stating exactly their current treasury holdings (for better or worse), staff numbers and where they are based, number of clients and projections forwards for example.

A (Serg): It has a lot of sense to me! We will have an internal discussion to see how to apply these principles to new clients. But for now we will stick with the existing, traditional play rules.

Q (Matt T): Is XTRD looking at providing FIX services for tZero?

A (Serg): tZero is at least 3–4 months to trade and they will be focusing on security tokens what is really great. We are in good relationships with their team and looking forward to integrating their exchange into our ecosystem once they will be in production.

Q (Matt T): In the future, when the space is more clearly defined and regulated by the SEC and XTRD is highly profitable, would XTRD ever consider changing its token into a security token or some sort of profit sharing token?

A (Serg): To be honest with you, we mainly focused on building a working and sustainable business model right now with right tech stack, clients, vendors, etc. This is priority #1 for me.

Q (Mike P): Would it be possible to see some video updates of some of the new stuff in action, similar to that February video?

A (Serg): Nice one, thank you very much, Mike P:) We will create another video shortly! Real-time market data plus execution:)

Next Q&A session is on November 6, 2018!

Blockchain Shift Conference Update

XTRD recently attended the Miami Blockchain Shift conference on October 11–12. The conference’s focus was on emerging distributed ledger technology and the paradigm shift that will evolve traditional economies, with senior legal, finance, government, emerging markets, institutional traders, and fintech infrastructure leaders in attendance.

XTRD was one of the sponsors and were represented by XTRD CEO Alex Kravets and Serg Gulko, XTRD CTO. Through direct booth contact and networking events, they interacted with many traditional players in the fintech space with an interest in trading digital assets as well as though leaders with unique perspectives on the subject. We are happy to say that high quality connections were made, as a result several potential partnerships are in the works. The conference was a great venue to showcase the XTRD brand!

Alex Kravets spoke on a panel with the COO & General Counsel as well as the SVP of Product Development of tZERO regarding Blockchain’s impact on Wall St, a great discussion facilitated by Stephen Obie of Jones Day.

Blockchain’s Impact on Wall Street — The Efficient and Compliant Frontier

Stephen J. Obie, Partner, Jones Day
Ralph Daiuto, Jr., COO & General Counsel, tZERO
Alexander Kravets, Co-Founder and CEO, XTRD
Nariman Noursalehi, Senior Vice President of Product Development, tZero

Full panel video can be found here on the XTRD YouTube page.

XTRD is working on product, additional exchange integration, and new initiatives. The landscape is changing with custodial solutions, and the real players are just around the corner.

Interview Voice of America — Clearing solutions for digital assets traders

Boris: It was a very active trading day, Bitcoin price went up to $7200 but retreated back to the $6600 level. There are two news items that impacted the price. First is that the American institution Fidelity with its branch Fidelity Investments started working with cryptocurrencies. And the second positive item is that one of the American exchanges — Coinbase — opened an office in Dublin to compensate for possible problems caused by Brexit. Their main European office will remain in London but in order to support their expansion, they opened a new office in Dublin.

To understand, which of these news items is more important and has a longer-term impact we invited our old friend, Serg Gulko from XTRD.

Boris: Let’s try to compare which one of these two news items have a larger long-term impact on digital assets trading?

Sergii: Hello, Boris! First of all, I would like to comment on yesterday’s rally on the market. It happened because people tried to get rid of Tether. Several companies decided to “exit” back to Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any other asset. But the end goal was to have a zero Tether balance.

Regarding your question — we believe that the most impactful thing is the Fidelity announcement. I’m not very optimistic about the Coinbase move, because the current volume distribution clearly says that the United States is the biggest and most lucrative market.

Boris: Maybe they are trying to expand an existing business? Thing is that the article I found on Reuters says that the European market is growing very fast.

Sergii: Well, in Europe Coinbase will compete with HitBTC, BitStamp, and CEX.IO and I wish them good luck! Ironically, most of the exchanges I mentioned are trying to get into the US market. Why? Because the money is here.

Boris: Ok, let’s go back to Fidelity. How important is what they are doing in the scope of attracting more investors from Wall St into digital asset trading?

Sergii: This is very important! We are speaking about clearing for the last three or four months and now, finally, it’s happening. Players start to see a difference between custody and clearing. Basically, Fidelity is going to provide clearing services. Very likely that right now, at this moment, it’s an advertisement rather than an actual solution.

For example, our company XTRD is working with two traditional clearinghouses from the FX world. We are building a pilot project which involves clearinghouse, several exchanges, and XTRD as an intermediary. Our partners are no less reputable than Fidelity, but they decided to build the mechanism first and only after — make an announcement.

In general, Fidelity’s move is the next logical step. Once the industry will have rock-solid clearing we will definitely see big institutional players.

New York Trading Show recap

One of the biggest advantages of Terrapin’s Trading Shows is that they are a nice combination of traditional financial technologies (servers, NICs, service providers, hedge funds reps) and emerging crypto-markets. This helps companies to understand each other’s technologies, workflows, pain-points, establish good contacts and relationships.

XTRD, as a Bronze sponsor, had a booth that gave us the ability to promote our services in a more efficient manner as compared to only walking around.

Most of the people we met were traditional finance hedge or broker-dealer guys looking to add the new digital asset classes into their portfolio. This is why XTRD’s way to provide routes (FIX 4.4, cross-connection) to the cryptocurrency exchanges works the best — this is a natural way for these people to trade.

We also spoke to several crypto-only hedge funds that were interested in our real-time market data feeds and forthcoming GUI platform.

In addition to the regular in-booth activities, we had a chance to run a presentation during the all-exhibitions prime-time — around noon. Based on a number of questions afterwards, it went very well. If you ever spoke on stage you, probably, are familiar with this unpleasant moment — “Ok, we have 5 minutes for questions…” and zero interest from the auditorium:)

Two boxes of business cards later, with literally no ability to speak, we realized that even more work is coming. Numerous follow-ups, in-person meetings, calls — this is how we spent past eight days.

To name a few — we hosted BitGo and OTCXN in our office to discuss potential cooperation.

XTRD will definitely participate in upcoming Trading Show 2019 in Chicago. This is the right place to be to promote our services to the financial community.

XTRD product update — October 11, 2018

Those who don’t learn history, are doomed to repeat it. Because of our experience in the Equity and FX space, we are facing a real deja-vu in crypto. Retail driving markets followed by institutional players, initially dispersed pools of liquidity lately consolidated into one global eco-system.

Of course, crypto markets are different to the let’s say, FX but core concepts will remain the same.

And, based on our own forecasts and observing huge interest from institutional players, we are exploring several promising venues:

– become a licensed market data vendor. Our tech stack allows us to stream market data in a very efficient way (check this articles for details). XTRD is in negotiation with several exchanges (names will be disclosed shortly) to obtain a legal agreement to resell this data. It opens a door to many companies like Bloomberg, Reuters, ICE and so on.

– become an active member of the upcoming clearinghouse/prime brokerage shift. We currently running several pilot projects with cryptocurrency exchanges and traditional clearinghouses to bring this concept to production. XTRD role is a pipe between buy-side firms (and market makers) from one side and exchanges and prime brokers — from another side.

Top 100 Blockchain and Crypto Influencers on Twitter to Follow

Twitter is a great source of information, especially if you deal with cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies — it helps to stay up to date and have your finger on the pulse of the market not only by reading the news but also by watching the influencers.

The XTRD team has compiled a list of Twitter accounts you probably would be interested in following if you work in blockchain & crypto related fields. Of course, there are hundreds of them, but we decided to select the one hundred most popular people in crypto space, based on relevance and the number of followers.

Note: XTRD does not endorse any of these sources or endorse any of their opinions, and we encourage you to consume all publicly disseminated information with a few grains of salt.


Ranked by follower count:

1. John McAfee

Followers: 844000

John McAfee is a British-American computer programmer, businessman, and cryptocurrency enthusiast. Founder of McAfee.

2. Vitalik Buterin

Followers: 814000

Russian-Canadian programmer and writer, primarily known as a co-founder of Ethereum and as a co-founder of Bitcoin Magazine.

3. Charlie Lee

Followers: 759000

Cryptocurrency enthusiast and creator of Litecoin. Ex-Director of Engineering at Coinbase and Managing Director of the Litecoin Foundation.

4. Marc Andreessen

Followers: 705000

American entrepreneur, investor, and software engineer. Serves on the board of Facebook, eBay, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Kno, Stanford Hospital, Bump Technologies, Anki, Oculus VR, Dialpad, and TinyCo. A proponent of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

5. Roger Ver

Followers: 552000

Bitcoin Evangelist and Angel Investor. Founding Member and Board Advisor at Bitcoin Foundation. Early investor in such Bitcoin startups as Bitcoin.comBlockchain.comZ.cashBitPayKrakenPurse.io.

6. Andreas Antonopoulos

Followers: 452000

Entrepreneur and coder, Bitcoin & open blockchain expert, speaker. Author of Mastering BitcoinThe Internet of MoneyMastering Ethereum.

7. Erik Voorhees

Followers: 310000

CEO of the instant Bitcoin and altcoin exchange ShapeShift.io.

8. Nick Szabo

Followers: 221000

Computer scientist, legal scholar and cryptographer known for his research in digital contracts and digital currency. The phrase and concept of “smart contracts” was developed by this guy. Also designed Bit Gold, which many consider the precursor to Bitcoin.

9. CryptoYoda

Followers: 217000

Cryptoenthusiast and technical analyst.

10. Brad Garlinghouse

Followers: 192000

CEO at Ripple.

11. Jameson Lopp

Followers: 178000

Creator of Statoshi and Infrastructure Engineer at Casa. At the moment, he’s most interested in opportunities within the Bitcoin and crypto asset ecosystem.

12. Barry Silbert

Followers: 171000

Founder and CEO at Digital Currency Group, parent of GrayscaleGenesis Global TradingCoinDesk & investor in 100+ coins, BTC, ETC, ZEC, MANA, ZEN, etc.

13. Tone Vays

Followers: 166000

Derivatives trader, analyst & content creator in the realm of economics, finance, blockchain & Bitcoin. Host of CrytpoScam Podcast.

14. Vinny Lingham

Followers: 164000

CEO of Civic, building global blockchain ID platform. General Partner at Multicoin Capital.

15. Pomp

Followers: 161000

Founder & Partner at Morgan Creek Digital. Writes a daily email newsletter analyzing crypto news for institutional investors.

16. Charlie Shrem

Followers: 155000

Bitcoin pioneer, Founder of The Bitcoin Foundation, Chief Visionary Officer at Crypto.IQ, speaker and writer.

17. Gavin Andresen

Followers: 148000

Software developer best known for his involvement with Bitcoin. In 2012 founded the Bitcoin Foundation to support and nurture the development of the bitcoin currency, and by 2014 left his software development role to concentrate on his work with the Foundation.


Followers: 146000

Crypto trader.

19. Cameron Winklevoss

Followers: 136000

Co-Founder & President at Gemini. Principal at Winklevoss Capital.

20. Mahesh Sashital

Followers: 133000

Entrepreneur and developer, co-founder of Smartereum.

21. Jimmy Song

Followers: 132000

Bitcoin educator, developer and entrepreneur.

22. Simon Cocking

Followers: 119000

Senior editor Irish Tech News, editor in chief at Crypto Coin News.

23. ฿TF%$D!

Followers: 114000

According to his Twitter bio, “semi-retired crypto trader”.

24. Don Tapscott

Followers: 111000

Media theorist. author, adjunct professor, co-founder of the Blockchain Research Institute.

25. David Schwartz

Followers: 109000

CTO at Ripple and one of the original architects of the XRP network.

26. Tim Draper

Followers: 105000

American venture capital investor, founder of DFJ Venture CapitalDraper AssociatesDraper University, and Innovate Your State.

27. Squeeze

Followers: 104000

Crypto trader, investor and venture capitalist since 2013. Featured in Cointelegraph and HuffPost.

28. Laura Shin

Followers: 101000

Crypto & blockchain journalist. Host of Unchainedpodcast.co & Unconfirmedpodcast.com

29. The Crypto Dog

Followers: 94500

Crypto trader, started mining Bitcoin in 2011, full-time blockchain investor and market commentator.

30. Balaji S. Srinivasan

Followers: 94000

CTO of Coinbase and co-founder of CounsylEarnTeleport, and Coin Center.

31. Spencer Bogart

Followers: 90300

Partner at Blockchain Capital. Former Bitcoin analyst and VP at Needham & Company.

32. Joseph Young

Followers: 87000

Analyst and investor, focusing on finance, cryptocurrency, blockchain, fintech. Contributing to ForbesBinary DistrictCointelegraphCryptoSlate.


Followers: 83500

Crypto trader.

34. Giacomo Zucco

Followers: 75400

Supremo at BHB Network and Bitcoin maximalist.

35. Willy Woo

Followers: 75200

Crypto writer. Does some data-driven research on cryptocurrency as an investment and has publications on ForbesCoinDesk and BraveNewCoin.

36. ParabolicTrav

Followers: 72200

Crypto trader.

37. Emin Gün Sirer

Followers: 71200

Professor at Cornell University, co-director at Initc3.org, system builder. Passionate about Dist Sys, OSes, Blockchains, NoSQL, and Bitcoin.

38. Meltem Demirors

Followers: 70800

Builds products at CoinShares. Teaches at MIT and Oxford University. Investor and advisor.

39. Tiffany Hayden

Followers: 70000

Independent advisor, supporter of Bitcoin, XRP, CodiusCoil and Interledger.

40. DonAlt

Followers: 65900

Teacher, investor and cryptocurrency trader.

41. Michael Fisher

Followers: 65000

Analyst, tech evangelist. Cybersecurity, IoT, Fintech, DataScience & VR influencer at DZone & onalytica.

42. Jon Matonis

Followers: 64400

Monetary economist, Founding Director at Bitcoin Foundation, CEO of Hushmail, Startup Team at RSA’s VeriSign, Chief Currency Dealer at VISA.

43. Stephan Tual

Followers: 63600

Founder of Atlas Neue, former CCO of Ethereum.

44. Parabolic Beastlorion

Followers: 53000

Crypto trader.

45. Jackson Palmer

Followers: 47200

Group Product Manager at Adobe. Created Dogecoin.

46. Bruce Fenton

Followers: 45700

Founder of Atlantic Financial, host of Satoshi Roundtable, Board Member at Bitcoin Foundation.

47. Dr. Craig S Wright

Followers: 45100

Chief Scientist at nChain.

48. Da Hongfei

Followers: 44200

Founder of NEO, CEO at Onchain.

49. Kyle Torpey

Followers: 43300

Full-time Bitcoin writer since 2014. Contributor at Forbes and BitcoinMagazine. Featured on NasdaqBusiness Insider and Motherboard.

50. Tuur Demeester

Followers: 43100

Founder of Adamant Capital.

51. Matt Corallo

Followers: 40000

Bitcoin developer. Full-time on open source Bitcoin projects at Chaincode Labs.

52. slush

Followers: 40000

CEO & IT Architect at SatoshiLabs. Founder of world’s first Bitcoin pool Slush Pool and the first Bitcoin hardware wallet Trezor.

53. Pierre Rochard

Followers: 39000

Software engineer, running Bitcoin Advisory.

54. Francis Pouliot

Followers: 38600

CEO of Satoshi Portal. Blockchain researcher and analyst. Former public policy analyst and free-market economist.

55. Arianna Simpson

Followers: 38400

Venture capitalist. Before she started investing, Arianna was a PM at BitGo, where she was the third employee. Prior to BitGo, she worked at Facebook in Global Marketing Solutions and at Y Combinator-backed Shoptiques, where she ran sales.

56. A v B

Followers: 37900

Canadian crypto expert.

57. Luke Dashjr

Followers: 37400

Bitcoin Core developer, known in the Bitcoin world as Luke-Jr. Founder of Eligius mining pool. He has made over 200 contributions to Bitcoin Core, and maintains the Bitcoin Improvement Proposals section on GitHub.

58. Stefan Thomas

Followers: 35800

Open-source developer and distributed systems advocate. Co-creator of Interledger and Founder at Coil.

59. Nathaniel Popper

Followers: 34400

Nathaniel writes about technology and finance for New York Times. Author of Digital Gold, a history of Bitcoin.

60. Daniel Larimer

Followers: 33700

Software developer and cryptocurrency serial entrepreneur. Created the cryptocurrency platform BitShares, was a co-founder of the blockchain social platform Steemit, and is CTO of EOS, with the company block.one. Creator of the DPOS consensus algorithm and Graphene technology.

61. Preston Byrne

Followers: 33200

Blockchain technologist, independent consultant, lawyer. Founder and former COO of Monax, a company that created the first open-source permissioned blockchain client in 2014. Advocates for civil liberties, digital rights, due process rights, free markets, and sensible regulation of cryptography.

62. Saifedean Ammous

Followers: 33100

Bitcoin economist. Author of The Bitcoin Standard: The Decentralized Alternative to Central Banking.

63. The Crypto Monk

Followers: 32100

Crypto trader.

64. Muneeb Ali

Followers: 32100

Blockchain entrepreneur and co-founder of Blockstack, a network for decentralized applications. Princeton Ph.D.

65. Aaron van Wirdum

Followers: 31500

Technical editor at Bitcoin Magazine.

66. Anthony Di Iorio

Followers: 31000

CEO & Founder of Decentral & Jaxx, Co-Founder of Ethereum.

67. Jonas Schnelli

Followers: 30800

Bitcoin Core developer and maintainer, co-founder of Digitalbitbox.com. Author of libbtc. C, C++, Obj-C Pro.

68. Alan Silbert

Followers: 30100

Executive managing director at INX. Bitcoin evangelist. Formerly founder and CEO of BitPremier. 20+ years in commercial banking.

69. Michael Parsons

Followers: 28400

Blockchain & Bitcoin advisor. Chairman at Cardano Foundation.

70. Alex Sunnarborg

Followers: 28200

Founder of Tetras Capital and Lawnmower.

71. Jeremy Gardner

Followers: 25200

Co-founder & Managing Partner at Ausum Ventures. Founded Blockchain Education Network and co-founded SAAVHA.

72. Chris Larsen‎

Followers: 25100

Co-founder & Executive Chairman of Ripple.

73. Michael Goldstein

Followers: 24500

President of Satoshi Nakamoto Institute and co-host at Noded Bitcoin Podcast.

74. Peter Van Valkenburgh

Followers: 24200

Cryptolawyer, Director of Research at CoinCenter, Board Member at Zcash Foundation, Juris Doctor at NYU Law.

75. Jed McCaleb

Followers: 22700

Co-Founder of Stellar Development Foundation.

76. Alex Van De Sande

Followers: 22100

UX Designer at Ethereum.

77. Nik Bougalis

Followers: 21800

Cryptographer & Software Engineer leading the C++ team at Ripple. Entrepreneur, consultant.

78. Adam Ludwin

Followers: 21400

CEO at Interstellar.

79. Oleg Andreev

Followers: 20200

Protocol architect at Interstellar. Author of GitboxCoreBitcoin and BTCRuby.

80. Jill Carlson

Followers: 20000

Cryptocurrency consultant. Jill has done academic research on blockchain and built enterprise products with banks. Right now, she mostly works on cryptocurrency and token projects.

81. Ben Davenport

Followers: 19000

CTO and Co-Founder of BitGo. Previously, Ben co-founded Beluga, which was acquired by Facebook, and became the basis for Facebook Messenger.

82. Jack Mallers

Followers: 17600

Developer and designer. Built ZeroHouseEdge, JacksChess, LanternHQ and RollWithMe. Currently, Jack is crafting consumer experiences at VC-backed startup Label Insight.

83. Dennis Parker

Followers: 17600

Bitcoin maximalist specialized in Bitcoin politics and game theory.

84. CryptoTrooper

Followers: 17300

Crypto trader and technical analyst.

85. Tim Swanson

Followers: 16500

Founder of PostOakLabs. Advisor at clearmaticsBlockSeerELM Labs. Formerly Director of Market Research at R3.

86. Alex Bosworth

Followers: 16000

Infrastructure Lead at Lightning.

87. Sergio Demian Lerner

Followers: 14800

Cryptocurrency security consultant.

88. Matthew Roszak

Followers: 14100

Co-Founder at Bloq and Founding Partner at Tally Capital.

89. Caitlin Long

Followers: 12800

Blockchain & Bitcoin enthusiast, chairman & president of Symbiont. 22 years of corporate finance experience (Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse, Salomon Brothers).

90. Donald McIntyre

Followers: 12800

Founder of Etherplan. Creates articles and videos with research and reviews of the best blockchains, sidechains, and decentralized apps.

91. Daniel “Buddha of Tulips” Jeffries

Followers: 12700

Blockchain & cryptocurrency expert.

92. Alyse Killeen

Followers: 12100

Author, advisor and early blockchain investor. Founding Partner at StillMark Co, Founder and Executive Director of City Fellows Consortium and Women in Venture.

93. Mike Belshe

Followers: 12100

CEO at BitGo, Inventor of SPDY (now HTTP/2.0), Google Chrome engineer, Co-Founder of Lookout Software.

94. Daniel Krawisz

Followers: 11600

Director of Research at Satoshi Nakamoto Institute. Writes articles about the economics and technology of Bitcoin.

95. Connie Gallippi

Followers: 11000

Founder and Executive Director at BitGiveOrg.

96. Christian Decker

Followers: 9800

Bitcoin researcher.

97. Min Kim

Followers: 9100

Founder of ICON Project, Council Member at ICON Foundation.

98. Jamie Redman

Followers: 8600

Bitcoin trader and enthusiast, graphic designer and writer/journalist at Bitcoin.com.

99. Lawrence Nahum

Followers: 7800

Bitcoin entrepreneur, open source enthusiast, Founder and CEO at GreenAddress, Senior Architect at Blockstream.

100. Sarah Hody

Followers: 5900

Attorney at Perkins Coie. Advises entrepreneurs, fintech companies, investors, and innovators in the blockchain space. Previously Regulatory Counsel at Coinbase.

Please let us know if you think that there anyone that should be included in this list or excluded from it, and share your ideas about any other similar overviews.

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